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Our Story

In the rich tapestry of life, each thread tells a story of resilience, purpose, and transformation. Oceans of Grace Consulting emerges from such a narrative, embodying hope and empowerment, founded upon the profound journey of its founder from the depths of adversity to the heights of purposeful living. This story transcends mere overcoming; it's a rediscovery of one's essence, spreading that grace to others, the environment, and the very fabric of our shared existence.

The inception of Oceans of Grace Consulting is deeply anchored in its founder's childhood, characterized by a strong connection with nature and animals on a quaint ranch in rural Idaho. This bond offered sanctuary from childhood instability and trauma, nurturing an unyielding spirit dedicated to safeguarding our natural world. However, this path was strewn with hurdles. Emerging from the trials of being a goal-oriented overachiever who faced significant life disruptions, including a health crisis, financial ruin, and the challenge of rebuilding life as a single parent, the idea of Oceans of Grace was conceived.

In 2019, after amassing over 20 years of experience in human, animal, and environmental wellness and making significant strides as an endangered species biologist, the founder made a pivotal shift to environmental consulting. Amidst efforts to enhance environmental resilience, a revelation emerged: the inseparable link between personal wellness and the health of the environment. This insight was transformative, igniting the realization that addressing the complex challenges facing our society and planet required a wholistic ecosystem approach—one that fosters the wellness of humans, animals, and habitats alike.

Oceans of Grace Consulting is the embodiment of this comprehensive vision. It represents a multifaceted enterprise that blends life coaching with environmental consulting to boost individual and collective resilience. Through life coaching, it enables individuals to discover their 'telos'—their ultimate purpose—and align their lives with meaningful, fulfilled living. In environmental consulting, it guides companies and governments through environmental compliance, emphasizing environmental justice and the protection of endangered species. This dual strategy reflects the conviction that by nurturing the wellness of each element of our ecosystem, we can collectively fortify its overall resilience.

The journey of Oceans of Grace Consulting is a tribute to the potential for transformation. It serves as a reminder that within each of us lies the capacity to convert our trials into triumphs, to unearth our purpose amidst chaos, and to contribute positively to our world. It illustrates how personal healing can spark global restoration, how pursuing one's telos can lead to a life of intention and purpose. This is the legacy of Oceans of Grace Consulting: a voyage from personal struggle to leading the charge in environmental and personal wellness, all interlaced within the vast, complex tapestry of life's grand purpose, enriched by over a quarter-century of expertise in human, animal, and environmental wellness.

Our Vision

Oceans of Grace envisions a world where ecosystems flourish in harmony, where every being—human, animal, and plant—thrives in accordance with its true purpose. We see a future in which communities worldwide are united in their efforts to restore and protect our planet, making meaningful contributions that ensure the resilience and health of our natural world for all. Through education, collaboration, and innovative solutions, we aim to transform the relationship between society and the environment, creating a legacy of sustainability and environmental justice for generations to come.

Our Values

  • Environmental Justice: Championing the right to a healthy environment for all, actively working to eliminate disparities and ensure equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens.
  • Sustainability: Prioritizing practices that ensure the long-term health and restoration of ecosystems for future generations.
  • Interconnectedness: Valuing the deep, intrinsic connections between humans, animals, and the environment, and recognizing that the well-being of one influences the well-being of all.
  • Purpose (Telos): Respecting the inherent purpose of every living being and natural entity, and facilitating each to achieve its unique ecological role.
  • Contribution: Promoting active participation and meaningful contributions from all sectors of society towards environmental conservation and resilience efforts.
  • Innovation: Employing creative solutions to navigate complex environmental challenges, fostering resilience with adaptive and innovative strategies.
  • Collaboration: Building partnerships across various disciplines, sectors, and regions to unite efforts and magnify impact towards common environmental goals.
  • Respect for Nature: Maintaining a profound respect for natural processes and biodiversity, advocating for actions that preserve and rejuvenate the natural world.
  • Education and Awareness: Committing to educate and raise awareness about ecosystem resilience, motivating and enabling others to engage in impactful actions.
  • Equity and Inclusion: Striving for inclusive and equitable approaches in building ecosystem resilience, ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized are addressed.
  • Responsibility: Acknowledging the impact of human activities on the environment and committing to ethical practices that support the health and resilience of ecosystems.

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