Chief of Staff

Kate Elgie

Kate is our dedicated Chief of Staff at Oceans of Grace. With a lifelong passion for people, animals, and environmental causes, Kate's professional journey began amidst the serene beaches of Santa Barbara, where she pursued her studies at UCSB. While at UCSB pursuing a double major, she actively participated as a volunteer environmental studies teacher for elementary school students while also holding a community events leader position in a prominent campus organization.

Following her academic pursuits, she embarked on a transformative two-year journey across Europe and Latin America, lending her skills to a non-profit organization focused on student initiatives.

Transitioning into the dynamic realm of technology, Kate immersed herself in various facets of operations, finance, and software implementation at a prominent software company. Her commitment to enhancing organizational efficiency and streamlining processes stems from a belief in making people's lives more organized and efficient so they can focus the majority of their time and efforts on what they love to do.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to optimizing business performance, Kate endeavors to empower Oceans of Grace to allocate more time and resources towards its noble mission of helping others. With her strategic vision and operational expertise, Kate plays a pivotal role in steering our company towards greater heights of impact and success.

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