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LIVE. LOVE. PROSPER: A Positive Mindset Can Make Anything Possible

LIVE. LOVE. PROSPER., A shift in mindset can make anything possible is a collection of inspiring real-life stories demonstrating how the 30 authors included in this anthology have dealt with heartbreak, anxiety, pain and struggle in life and learned to process these emotions to continue their journey towards success. These stories show how resilient the human spirit is, and how simple shifts in the way we think can create massive shifts in how our lives unfold.

The stories included range from topics related to parenting, marriage, dating, pregnancy, weight loss and body image, abuse, narcissism, business, leadership, finding purpose, academic success, grief and loss, stress, anxiety and work-life balance, just to mention a few.

The stories are meant to show readers that “life happens” and that it is what you do after it happens that makes the difference between recovery, success and ultimate peace of mind or not. Mental health and mindset are important subjects in our fast-paced lives. The authors want to illustrate that a change of perspective is possible in any situation. And “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Each author has selected a charity that they believe in and wish to support in their local community. Each author is fund-raising in their local community to support this charity with royalties (selling price minus cost of printing). Proceeds from online sales are also donated 100%. All costs associated with design and editing are funded by the authors and not paid for through royalties.

 Along with the book, the authors are offering a variety of free resources and trainings. Authors are offering their time for free to organizations that would like the authors to do an in-house presentation in person or virtually to assist with generating book sales. Free courses, ebooks and a variety of aids and resources developed by the authors are available for free access to anyone who purchases a copy of the book. 

If you work for an organization that is committed to supporting mental health and mindset, the authors would appreciate an opportunity to make the book available on your intranet.

100% Proceeds support Reins of Hope

$20.00 Per book + handling

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